Thursday, December 31, 2009

Restful Web Services using Restlet Framework

Restlet framework is a Restful Web Service framework written Java.

However, Microsoft has worked with the team behind Restlet and has enabled interoperability between Azure and Restlet.


Other big companies like Google also use the Restlet framework for writing Web Services in a Restful way. I always lean towards projects that are well documented and the Restlet framework has some good documentation including examples, tutorials, and api documents. In addition, if you want to integrate a Spring Web project with Restlet, here is a good write up,


If your website leverages ajax via javascript, one of the nice things with Restlets is that you can easily call your Restful Web Services using javascript.

Restlets has implemented lots of extensions, for example if you want to write a smartphone app in android to call Restful Web Services, Restlets has an extension for this.

Restlet is extremely flexible and can be called from either a Web client or Web server code.

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