Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Feature Google Gadget

We are proud to now offer the ability to view your current weekly mileage statistics on your Google home page by using our EnduroTracker Gadget.
There are 2 ways to add the EnduroTracker Gadget to your Google home page. The first and easiest is to go to
and click the Google icon on the bottom of the page.
The second way is to log into your Google home page at, click Add Stuff link on the top right hand side. On the next page, click on the Add Feed or gadget link located on the left side midway down the page. Enter or paste the following url into the input box:
To personalize the gadget , click the personalize link within the gadget, and login using your EnduroTracker credentials.

Also you can click the link below, to add the EnduroTracker Gadget to your Google home page

Add EnduroTracker's Gadget to your Personalized Google Start Page

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Amazon EC2 Features

Amazon EC2 just added some higher level applications/services
like AutoScaling, Load Balancing, and Monitoring , link :

Setting up Load Balancing and Monitoring on your own is straight forward, but AutoScaling is not easy. AutoScaling could be extremely useful to most people using EC2.